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What factors affect the price of pp woven bag ?

Company news
2018/09/23 14:47
Thepriceandqualityarethemostimportantfactorswhencustomerschoosewovenbags,sowhatfactorsdeterminethepriceofwovenbag?1.Thesizeofthebag.Differentsize,thepricewillbedifferent.2. BagweightandGSM(weightpersq

The price and quality are the most important factors when customers choose woven bags, so what factors determine the price of woven bag ?

1. The size of the bag. Different size, the price will be different.

2. Bag weight and GSM(weight per square meter), they are the core and basis for calculating the price.

3. Quality, it depends on the load weight of the bag. such as 25kg, 50kg or others.
4. Whether coating and inner liner are required ? They are also important factors in determining prices.
5. Printing. Offset printing or Gravure printing, printing on both sides or dingle side. Currently we can print 9 colors on one side of the bag.
So when you ask about the price of bag, pls send these specifications to me, then we can offer you the exact price.