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Waterproof sealing function of pp woven bag

Company news
2018/10/20 10:32
Some of the pp woven bag must have the function of waterproof sealing
As the chemical, cement, fertilizer and sugar industries have special requirements on packaging, some of the pp woven bags must have the function of waterproof sealing.
At present, there are two kinds of waterproof sealing woven bags produced in China:
1. The bag with inner liner, inner liner sewn with the top hem and bottom of outer bag.
2. A compound woven bag coated with a plastic film.
The production equipment and process of the woven bag with inner liner is relatively simple, and the equipment investment is low, the application is very extensive.The inner liner and outer bag is separated. Inner liner is blow plastic film bag, the outer bag is pp bag, and the length and width of the inner liner are larger than outer bag. When you put something into your bag, if the inner liner and outer bag are not balanced, the bag will be damaged. This bag needs to be put together manually, so the production efficiency is low.
The coated woven bag is formed by coating a plastic film on the outside of the cloth  by a laminating machine. This woven bag is relatively strong, but the high temperature causes the strength of the woven fabric to decrease, the elasticity becomes smaller, and the bag is more fragile.