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Printing requirements for pp woven bag

Company news
2018/12/19 17:35
There are many things to pay attention to in the production of woven bags
There are many things to pay attention to in the production of woven bags, and there are some technical skills in the printing of woven bags.In order to improve the appearance quality of woven bags, many customers will require printing on the bags, which requires us to understand the relevant printing requirements.
The printing of woven bags must be done by professional printers. Check the quality of the machine before printing. If there is any problem, it must be repaired in time. When printing, the manufacturer, production date, product name, colored logo, etc. shall be printed in accordance with the requirements of customers, and the color of printing shall also meet the standards. Also, mark the work number on the process of bag making, film spraying, printing and marking, and designate the corresponding responsible person.
If the pattern and specification are similar products, woven bag manufacturers can print 3mm wide color strips at the folding edge of 20mm M away from the bag mouth. The color strips extend 20mm to the front and back, providing obvious identification for sewing, trimming and packaging processes.